Bogota Coffee Christmas Presents

Are you struggling for present ideas this Christmas for your fellow coffee lovers?
Wed 9 Dec 2020 - posted by theHub


For Christmas ideas Bogota Coffee Company have their signature coffee beans available in 250g (£6), 500g (£11) or 1kg (£22), which can be ground onsite for any brewing method, cafetiere, filter, espresso, mokapot.

They also have black Bogota logo t-shirts for £10 or hoodies designed by one of their ex-baristas at Auriol Butcher Designs for £25, all available in a range of sizes for men and women.

Keepcup, the original reusable coffee cup in 8oz size for £12 or 12oz size £13, both with a first drink free when purchased.

They also sell vouchers to use at their coffee shop and they can be made out for £5 and above.

All the above are available at their shop 7 days a week and during their opening times of 9am - 3pm. Follow them at @BogotaCoffeeCo on all social media for updates and other offers.

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