Sweat Studios 21 Day Fitness Challenge

Sweat Studios 21 day fitness challenge starts Sunday, January 10th!
Fri 8 Jan 2021 - posted by theHub

Join Sweat Studios online to feel fitter, happier and healthier this January. For just £39 you get: 30 days of unlimited access to their online classes and 21 days of planned activities to follow a 21 day fitness plan that includes yoga, Pilates, HIIT style classes and more to develop your strength, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, balance, coordination and help you reduce your stress. Through the programme we will show you how you can use their classes to stay fit and healthy while staying at home during lockdown

Support from the Sweat teaching team and encouragement from your fellow Sweaties on the challenge

To get involved, head to their booking system (instabook.io/s2/sweatstudios) to set up your unlimited online membership (head to purchase' and then 'recurring memberships'), If you don't want the membership to renew, you can cancel it at the end of the challenge. Then join their Facebook Community Page (https://bit.ly/2UlEXLR) to connect with fellow challengers, the Sweat team and to follow your plan.


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