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Many studies have shown the damaging effect that sitting for 8+ hours a day has. Being tied to our desks is a productivity killer and has the same damaging health effects as smoking a pack of cigarettes!
Wed 3 Mar 2021 - posted by theHub

By Kirsty Lowe | Sweat Studios

Many studies have shown the damaging effect that sitting for 8+ hours a day has. Being tied to our desks is a productivity killer and has the same damaging health effects as smoking a pack of cigarettes!

With working from home currently the norm, the time we spend sitting is increasing. How many of you have seen the alarming decrease in the number of steps recorded on your Fitbits as you’ve just shuffled from room to room during your day. Without a daily commute to an office, we have simply stopped moving. All of this is playing havoc with our bodies, with a sharp rise in visits to physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths largely to address the impact of being immobile all day.

Alongside the physical benefits, scientific studies show that taking regular breaks during our working day to move makes us more productive and boosts our mental and physical wellbeing. Yet, with full calendars and long to-do lists, we find ourselves tied to ours desks in an attempt to get more work done.

Yoga is undoubtedly one of the best workouts you can do to address the physical downsides of sitting all day, but did you know it can also make you more effective at your job? Here’s 5 reasons to add some yoga into your day that your manager will approve of.

And, the good news is, it couldn’t be easier. Thanks to lockdown, online yoga has become increasingly available, from free classes on sites like YouTube to online offerings from most yoga studios. You can visit a studio or join classes as they happen via streaming sites such as Zoom (giving some much needed social connection) or tap into a pre-recorded class when it suits you.

1. Yoga relieves stress

By placing a great deal of attention on how you breathe, a yoga class reduces anxiety and stress in your body while increasing your serotonin levels which make you happy! It’s a great way to move on from challenging aspects of your job and approach your day with a positive outlook.

2. Yoga improves concentration and focus

An inability to focus is one of the major causes for low productivity at work. The good news is that as well as offering benefits on a physical level, yoga works on a mental level too. Doing yoga can boost your brainpower even more than conventional aerobic exercise. A single session of yoga significantly improves working memory and concentration!

3. Yoga increases energy and reduces fatigue

Do you find yourself needing an afternoon sugary pick-me-up as your energy levels ebb? Incorporating a yoga session as part of your workday routine is a great way to avoid fatigue as well as counteracting the physical downsides of desk-based working.

4. Yoga increases creativity

Practicing yoga helps your mind relax naturally into creativity. By focusing on breath and movement, you clear your mind of unwanted chatter making way for new ideas and the motivation to create great things. After your yoga practice the day ahead is like a fresh canvas to paint on!

5. Yoga boosts morale and performance

If you feel well physically, mentally and emotionally, your morale will be high. Commanding presence and respect in the workplace is vital. If you’re feeling good about yourself, other people will feel good about you too. If you are focused and energetic, your positivity will be strong. If your creativity is unleashed, your self-confidence will soar. And all of this will make you a better employee – in your job responsibilities, your dealings with clients and your interactions with fellow employees.

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How to get started

Our Milton Keynes studio is open daily for classes. A Classic class is a great place to start. Just head to our timetable and make a booking.

Alternatively, you can join us online. All of our in-studio classes can be taken in your home via Zoom, or you can choose a class from our on-demand library, where you’ll find workouts designed to fit into a busy day. You can take 10 minute relaxations, meditations and yoga-style HIIT classes, or you can opt for 30 minute yoga classes designed for specific times of day, mornings, lunchtimes or evenings. We even have a 6 week online beginners yoga course that is designed for home. There’s something for everyone, so why not get started today?

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