MKFM Review: Be at One at The Hub Milton Keynes

"It is finally the time to wipe the dust off of your stilettos and head to one of the best cocktail bars in MK," says Sam, who visited Be At One last week.
Mon 16 Aug 2021 - posted by theHub

Just like a lot of the nation, I have spent the past 18 months living in my pyjamas, catching up with friends on Zoom and binging the latest boxsets.

So when I was invited to dress up and go for cocktails at the newly-refurbished Be At One, I was completely over the moon! 

Be At One, located in The Hub, is known for being one of the hottest spots in Central Milton Keynes. It is a lively bar that serves up tasty cocktails, offers cocktail masterclasses, and even turns into a mini nightclub at the weekend.

I had spent many nights at Be At One pre-covid but I hadn't visited in over two years, so I was excited to see what I had been missing...

Venue and First Impressions

Be at One is a cosy, welcoming cocktail bar with plenty of seating both indoors and outdoors. It had a £200,000 makeover during this year's lockdown and reopened, serving a brand new look, in June 2021.

I headed out on a Thursday evening, expecting it to be quiet - but boy was I wrong! As I walked through the square at The Hub there was a buzz, with plenty of people coming out of the restaurants and into the bars. 

One of the first things that I spotted was the new Be At One sign and outdoor seating area, which seems to have almost doubled in size! There were lots of people sitting in the summer sunshine having catch-up cocktails.

Upon walking through the door, I was stunned by the trendy electric colour scheme, alongside the gold and silver furnishings. Teal, pink and blue accents complimented the bar - which looked even bigger than I remembered - and there was plenty of plush seating for people to sit back and relax. 

Music was playing from the speakers, ranging from modern-day pop to cool old-school RnB. They also have a live DJ every Friday and Saturday night. 

My eyes were quickly drawn to the mesmerisingly bright and bold LED wall and ceiling, which had the words 'Be At One' on it. I initially arrived when it was still light outside, but as the sun started to set, the LEDs seemed to get more vivid which made for perfect photo opportunities! 


And now for the main event, the drinks! Did you know that Be At One's innovative menu spans over 101 cocktails? You heard that right... 101. The vast array of cocktails means that whether you're into sweet, sour, or smoky, then there is certainly something for you.

When I was sat in my comfy booth, I picked up the drinks menu (or drinks book!) and was in awe at the sheer choice. 

Upon speaking to one of the nice bartenders, I decided to opt for a classic 'Aperol Spritz' and then try something new with a 'Kiss from a Rosé'. First, let me disclose that I was not drinking alone - there were two of us!

As it was happy hour, we had two of each cocktail which meant that we could try each others...

The Aperol Spritz was faultless. It is a modern classic and the first sip transported me on holiday. The bartender managed to get the perfect ratio of Aperol and Prosecco - it went down a treat!

Moving on to the Kiss from a Rosé. This was recommended by the bartender as something refreshing and completely unique. It is made of gin, rosé wine, strawberry, cucumber and elderflower tonic. Interestingly, I couldn't taste the rosé as it mixed so well with the other ingredients. What I do know is that it was tasty and glamourous. And very nice to look at! 

We then browsed through the drinks book and decided on another summery drink called 'Tropic Like It's Hot', alongside the cult-classic 'White Russian'. 

The White Russian, with vodka and coffee liqueur, was made well and was incredibly smooth. I was intrigued to see how the bartender would do, and if they would put a spin on it, but they passed the test!

Tropic Like It's Hot had to be my favourite of the night. It is a must-try if you are heading to Be At One! Alua coconut rum, cherry liqueur, passion fruit, mango and ruby tonic are all mixed together. It is a pretty cocktail that tasted completely unique. 

For the final drinks of the night, we continued with the holiday vibes and opted for a Pina Colada and Passion Fruit Mojito.

What a love about Be At One is their willingness to put twists on cocktails, while also respecting the classics. For example, you can choose a traditional mojito if you wish - or you can go all out and have it with passion fruit!

The Passion Fruit Mojito was tasty, from the smoothness of the rum to the bitterness of the passion fruit. You could tell it was a mojito with each sip, but the passion fruit gave it a real kick!

To top it off, we had iced Pina Coladas... need I say any more! This was the smoothest drink of the night. I take my hat off to the bartenders who get the ratio of booze, juices, and the other flavours perfect every time. And they do an amazing job at making them look good for pictures too...

Be At One has a generous Happy Hour that lasts from 4.30 – 8pm Monday – Thursday, 3pm – 8pm on Friday and Sundays, and 1pm – 8pm on Saturdays. It's perfect for those wanting to try a few cocktails from their drinks book! 

Final thoughts 

The team at Be At One have worked incredibly hard to create a buzzing, happy atmosphere that we have all been craving. It was a joy to meet the team who all love what they do and to watch them in action. I still cannot believe that they know over 100 cocktail recipes! 

Be At One is the perfect place for cocktail lovers who are looking for a night out in Milton Keynes. Whether it be a casual post-work drink or a birthday celebration, Be At One has all that you could ever want. 

I know I'll be back to work my way down the cocktail list and have a dance with a real-life DJ! 

To find out more about Be At One, and to book a table, please click here.

Alternatively, you can visit Be At One, 25 Mortimer Square, Milton Keynes MK9 2FB. 

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