Yoga: Your perfect Winter lockdown workout

As it gets cold and dark and the appeal of exercising outside wanes, yoga could make the perfect at-home lockdown workout:
Wed 11 Nov 2020 - posted by theHub

Article by Sweat Studios

Yoga requires minimal to no equipment

All you really need for yoga is a mat and you can pick one of these up for around £20. Yoga Matters’ Sticky YogaMat is inexpensive and perfect for what you need. Any other kit you might require can be easily fashioned from things you have lying around your house; books, towels, belts. For gentler, more relaxing classes, such as our chill-out sessions, a yoga mat isn’t even required.

Yoga gives you everything you need to stay fit and healthy
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By taking part in a balance of active and more relaxing yoga classes, you will get all you need to stay fit and well physically and mentally. Yoga builds strength in a safe way by using your own body weight. More vigorous yoga classes, designed to give you a workout, will raise your heart rate, helping with your cardiovascular fitness. Yoga will keep you joints healthy by taking them through a full range of motion, whereas sports such as running can place strain on them. Yoga is a perfect antidote to sitting all day, bringing mobility and strength to areas that become tight and weak and developing your core strength to support your back, warding off the most common of musculoskeletal issues.

Yoga can help achieve a positive mindset

We are living in unprecedented times and it can feel as we have no control over our future which can lead to feelings of anxiety. In a yoga class, you are encouraged to take your attention inward to think only about what you are doing in that moment, focussing on breathing and how you are moving your bodies. This teaches us to be in the present, rather than worrying about the future.

Yoga reduces stress and can alleviate depression

A woman taking part in a yoga class at Sweat Studios

Unlike in an exercise class, where you might pant for breath due to physical exertion, in a yoga class you are encouraged to keep your breathing nasal (the healthiest way to breathe), evenly paced and calm. Deep breathing is practiced in every session. This way of breathing calms your central nervous system reducing feelings of stress and anxiety. Practicing yoga has a positive effect on your brain. It has been scientifically proven to result in chemical changes which make your more happy! Often referred to as a yoga high.


Yoga won’t disturb the neighbours

Yoga is low impact and doesn’t require music, which will keep your house members and neighbours happy (as well as you joints!).

Why not join us online and make a positive change to your health and wellbeing. You can join us live via Zoom or you can take classes from our-demand library of over 100 classes ranging from 10-60 minutes in length. Alternatively, get started with our 6 week online course for yoga beginners. You can find out about all of our classes here.

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