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Eco Friendly, Banana Tree

At Banana Tree, they are committed to reducing their impact on the environment, and for the past few years they have made great strides to become more environmentally conscious in all aspects of their business, and they continuously look to improve their eco-friendly credentials.

How Banana Tree has worked towards being the most eco sustainable restaurant. 

Plastic: Since introducing recycled cardboard containers for all the main courses consumed outside of our restaurants, they managed to reduce their plastic packaging usage by over 75% (in weight). They also replaced all their plastic cutlery with light wood ones, that they only supply on demand and the straws are compostable and made using sustainably sourced paper. 

Recycling: They have always had all their glass bottles recycled, as well as all their used oil, which is now converted into biodiesel. They are also working on reducing all packaging that comes into the restaurants from suppliers, as well as the amount of waste that goes to landfill. All the table mats, leaflets and menus are printed on FSC certified or recycled paper, and all the menus can be accessed through QR codes at the restaurants. Through the menu development, they have managed to greatly reduce food waste and are always delighted when their customers want to take home what they cannot finish! #doggybag 

Green energy: All the electricity at all 9 restaurants and the Head Office is provided from renewable sources. They are also actively working on a program aimed at reducing their water and energy consumption at all the premises through gradually switching to 100% LDE lightbulbs, energy-saving programmable timers for their equipment and lighting and staff sustainability training.

Palm Oil: In 2018 they went through the whole supply chain and cut out most products with ingredients originating from palm oil, including all food items and cleaning products. They now only use ingredients with no or only sustainably sourced palm oil guaranteed with Zero Deforestation. This was part of their commitment to the charity partner the Orangutan Appeal UK. 

Orangutan Protection and Rehabilitation: For the past 7 years, Banana Tree have partnered with the Orangutan Appeal UK to help fund the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in Borneo, Malaysia, helping the rescue of baby orphan orangutans and their rehabilitation, to ensure they can later be released back into the rainforest. Orangutans are critically endangered due to the disappearance of their natural habitat, and our donations have funded various projects at Sepilok, as well as supporting the Appeal’s work against deforestation in Borneo. Each time you buy one of our “Crispy Chicken in Mango and Sweet Lime Sauce”, Banana Tree donate 25p to Orangutan Appeal UK. To learn more about Orangutan Appeal UK and their work at Sepilok (and to get to know the cutest baby creatures you have ever seen!), have a look at their  Discovery Planet series “Meet the Orangutans”! 

Veganuary and sustainable eating: Banana Tree has been a partner of Veganuary for the past 2 years, positively encouraging a reduction of meat consumption in an effort to promote a more sustainable lifestyle. Over 40% of our menu items are Vegan.


Because of all this Banana Tree have been nominated in the most eco-friendly restaurant category for Deliveroo’s restaurants awards. Voting has now closed finger crossed they WIN!!!!!!


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