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How a passion for fitness has helped Thomas Connolly to become the fastest growing estate agency in MK

CelebrateMK caught up with Joe Connolly to find out the secrets behind their success

Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy business. That is the mantra that the managing directors of Thomas Connolly estate agents are putting into practice to keep pushing the business forward. 

Joe Connolly and Neal Butler are both passionate about fitness and  believe it is essential to give them the energy and mental clarity needed to thrive in the fast paced world of modern estate agencies.

And it is clearly working as Thomas Connolly - based at Rillaton Walk in The Hub - is the fastest growing estate agent in Milton Keynes after a hugely successful first six year in business. 

CelebrateMK caught up with Joe over Lunch at the new private members restaurant Alpha at Oscars in The Hub, to find out about this gruelling daily fitness regime. 

“I get up at 5am and go straight out for my first bike ride of the day with my dog, Willow, to a river or lake,” he explained. “I put my wetsuit on and dive in for my first swim of the day - the cold water wakes me up, slows my heart down and gives me clarity to think about what I’ve got to do for the day ahead. 

“I cycle back home, have a quick shower, then head off to the gym at about 6:30am. I do 45 minutes in the gym then I run a lap around Willen Lake with Willow, then come back home. I’ll then have another shower, put my suit on and come in to the office for about 9:30am, ready for business.” But that is not the end of the day’s fitness for Joe or his beloved two year old Weimaraner dog. 

Joe said: “I usually have several meetings and organise the things I need to do for the team, then I’ll ride up to Campbell Park with Willow before going to the gym a second time at 1pm with some guys I do business with. 

“After the gym, I’ll go for another swim in a lake or river - I love water so I swim two to three times a day - then I go to Windmill Hill Golf Club driving range to hit 40 balls. “I do yoga in the evening at Sweat Studios and I also enjoy a bit of Kayaking and hiking at times too.

“Some days I do in excess of 30,000 steps, which suits Willow because she needs a minimum of two hours of high intensity exercise per day. 

“When I’m on my bike she’s sprinting next to me - she’s as fit as a fiddle!”

After getting to know Joe better over lunch it is easy to see why Thomas Connally is thriving, having taken on a host of new landlords and new instructions despite the pandemic. 

He expresses a genuine desire to make the sales and rental process a pain-free and pleasurable experience for Thomas Connolly clients, Joe said: “Part of the reason Neal and I are so into fitness is so we can be the best version of ourselves and basically make people happy.”

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