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Maaya launches new Car-stomer Service

Maaya Indian Kitchen & Bar in The Hub is going the extra mile for its customers, to coincide with the launch of its new takeaway offer, by introducing a unique Tandoor-to-Car-Door service.

Customers wanting a takeaway meal – now 30% off every night – can call the restaurant when they arrive near to The Hub, park in the bay areas and wait for a member of staff to arrive with their meal. It is believed the Tandoor-to-Car-Door service is the first of its kind in the region, if not the UK.

“If you want to simply grab a takeaway without dressing up, our Tandoor-to-Car-Door service is perfect for you – customers can even stay in their pyjamas and no one would know,” says Maaya’s Manager, Mo Abdul.

From this week and from now on, Maaya Indian Kitchen & Bar has introduced a new 30% discount off food from the takeaway menu when ordering before 7pm and 20% off when ordering after. Customers can either pay over the phone or by cash when they arrive.

Customers are asked to request the Tandoor-to-Car-Door service when ordering their meal by calling 01908 242665.

The menu can be found at


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