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MKFM Review: Takeaway from Turtle Bay

Darren from the MK Breakfast Show was invited to try Turtle Bay's extensive to-go menu. Let's find out what he thought... 

Like most people, I have missed getting together with friends this year, especially for a few cocktails and to share some food. 

So when I was invited to try some to-go food from Turtle Bay, one of my favourite places for an evening out, I was incredibly excited. On Thursday night, I tried the Lovers Box - which is part of Turtle Bay's extensive to-go menu. The menu has all of the Turtle Bay favourites, including cocktails and other drinks. 

The Lovers Box consists of:

Half Jerk Chicken

BBQ Babyback Ribs

Trini Chicken Curry

Curry Aubergine

Coconut Rice and Peas

Sweet Potato Fries

Spiced Fries Sweet Plantain

Sunshine Salad with Melon

This would easily feed a family of four, a group of friends in the same household, or be a first-class banquet for two.

Our order was booked for 7pm, and upon arriving, I was greeted at the front of the restaurant by a friendly member of the Turtle team and within minutes left with a heavy bag of food.

As soon as I got in the car, I could instantly smell the aroma coming through the bag. With a ten-minute drive home, the hot bag of food was keeping my lap warm (as a passenger I must add), I was tempted on several occasions to take a peek inside and see if there was anything I could sample before reaching home, but I held out! 

Once home, we unpacked the Lovers Box and was instantly impressed by the Turtle Bay containers made from environmentally-friendly recyclable material. Not only did they look great, but they also did their job of keeping the food piping hot.

For starters, we opened the BBQ Ribs and Jerk Chicken, and as we took the meat out of the containers the meat just fell off the bone. It was so tender and juicy and full of Caribbean flavours. We enjoyed this with some of the salad; this eaten with the ribs and chicken was just amazing.

Then onto the curry with the rice, fries, and plantain. The Chicken and Aubergine West Indian curry was not too hot, about medium spiced and worked exceptionally well with the Coconut Rice and Peas. On the side we had the sweet potato and spiced fries, they worked very well, dipped in the curry sauce, it was an absolute feast.

In Summary, this Lovers Box is an absolute bargain, with so many dishes in one box for £50. With takeaway food very popular during COVID, it’s time to give your usual takeaway a rest and treat your tastebuds to something from the Turtle Bay At Home Menu.

You can also recreate the magic of dining in with the Turtle Bay UK playlist on Spotify.


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