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Morris Dancers cause a comotion in The Piazza

The traditional get together of Morris Dance groups from around the area took place at The Hub in June.

All the morris sides who took part in the Midsummer Madness at the Hub on 24th June enjoy dancing at a variety of events such as fetes, private bookings, and social occasions.  All are glad to accept new members, and dance for the enjoyment of the teamwork and camaraderie which comes from putting on kit and dancing in public.  All sides contribute in some way to the community either by giving their services free to community events, or by making donations to their favoured charites.


The Old Mother Redcaps

They are an all female dance groups, based in Stony Stratford, doing 'Garland' and 'Manx' dances.  They were the host side for the Midsummer Madness event.


Stony Steppers

They are a mixed group, based in Stony Stratford, specialising in 'clog' and 'step' dances.


The Brackley Morris Men

An all male Cotswold dance group, doing various 'Cotswold' traditions, but specialising in the specific dances originating in Brackley


Hemlock Morris

A mixed dance group from Bedford who perform both 'Cotswold' and 'Border' dances.


Queens Oak Morris

An all female side from Potterspury who perform 'Border' dances.


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