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Proposed Refurbishment of The Hub Milton Keynes

We are very excited to share with you details of proposed plans to upgrade, modernise, and bring new

We wish to share our ideas for the refurbishment of Mortimer Square in The Hub Milton Keynes.

The square was built over 15 years ago and is an important public space in Central Milton Keynes.  However, it is now in need of refurbishment to create a more usable and attractive public space.  This leaflet sets out why and what is proposed.

Why change Mortimer Square?


  • Changes are proposed to Mortimer Square to update the tired public space and widen the offer for hospitality venues.

  • The current square has seen better days; it is under-used, wind-swept, with limited green space.

  • Each restaurant has its own existing outdoor eating space but there is a wide range of design and quality.

  • The pandemic has increased the need to widen spaces between tables in cafés and restaurants and increased the desire for alfresco eating. 

  • The Hub’s landowner seeks to inject investment into the square to improve it’s look and make it a more attractive place to be.

  • No extension to the cafes, bars and restaurants is proposed.  The outdoor eating areas will replace that which is already there.

  • The landowner is funding the changes.  There is no cost to the residents and commercial properties to fund these changes.

What is Proposed?


  • Consistency in restaurant terrace outdoor space to create a more coordinated environment.

  • A new fountain and central space design to create a more attractive feature used all year.

  • A revised layout that allows natural movement patterns.

  • A stronger sense of arrival and departure through a new lighting scheme.

  • More seating opportunities.

  • The introduction of more vegetation and landscaping to soften the space.

  • Designing the space to take account of the sun path, positioning seating to capitalise on the sunshine at specific times of day.

  • Mitigate the impact of wind on the square through the creation of shelter.


The café and restaurant terraces


  • A consistent design for new structures to be located on each restaurant terrace area, inspired by the iconic porte cochere structure that can be seen throughout CMK when crossing boulevards.

  • These structures will replace the existing outdoor dining and seating areas.

  • The steel porte cochere style canopies will stand independently from the building facades but work with existing buildings door and window openings meaning no changes to the buildings themselves.

  • Where required glazed retractable panels to their sides will reduce exposure to wind to provide shelter but can be opened to suit.

  • Louvered roofs can be adjusted to open or close to provide shelter from rain, sunshine and wind. Final requirements for each structure will be dependent on each restaurant terrace area.

  • A standardised area for signage is provided where each unit can place their branding within set design parameters


The central space


  • The current fountains, comprising in-ground jets provide an underused attraction which is only really enjoyed in good weather.

  • A new central feature would be a stronger meeting point incorporating seating around its edges and greater opportunities to soften the area with new landscaping.

  • A raised water feature could integrate sculpture to create a stronger focal point.

  • Elegant planting is proposed to create a visually attractive environment which also provide ecological benefits.  Tree planting is proposed in raised planters seasonal bulb under-planting and panels of lawn will provide opportunities for seating.



Next Steps

If you have any comments you wish to make on the proposals, please email us at  We would be grateful if any views you have are submitted by 23 December 2021.

Following consideration of feedback and any changes to the design, planning approval will be sought from Milton Keynes Council.  If agreed, construction would be phased but could begin early in 2022 starting with the outdoor eating areas.  It is hoped that those units facing the square could be complete by the spring.

The final design and detail of the central fountain and landscaping is likely to follow but it is hoped all works will complete by the end of 2022.

Construction best practice will be followed to restrict hours of working to normal office hours.  There may be some temporary fencing erected for safety but access will be maintained.

Thank you for your time in reading this leaflet, and sharing with us your views.


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