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Restaurant staff to donate festive tips this Christmas

As the festive season of office parties and overindulgence reaches its peak, restaurant staff across the city will be hoping for extra generous tips, especially at Maaya Indian Kitchen & Bar - but not for themselves to keep.

Selfless staff have pledged to donate 60% off their Christmas tips over a whole month to a local girl's charity, Miyla's Quest For Shoes. The gesture was made after reading about ten year old Miyla Avery-Hawkins, who is visually impaired and has learning difficulties, and her quest to help raise money for people in Zimbabwe and Ghana who don't have enough money for shoes.

Miyla and her family have been raising money for the charity and, on 20 December, will send a cheque for £1,750, plus an estimated amount of £250 from Maaya to Milton Keynes Special Care Baby Unit (MK SCBU).

Mo Abdul, joint owner of Maaya said: "There has been a great spirit in the restaurant over the festive period and people have been extremely generous with their tips, so we're hoping to raise a large amount for Miyla's charity. She's an inspiration to all and an incredibly kind person, which is why the staff have chosen to help her. We've invited her family to join us for a free meal in the restaurant."

Stuetina, Miyla's mum said: "Miyla's quest is for the world to see happiness, no matter what comes her way she does not allow this to stop her. Also, Miyla's sister, five-year-old Sienna, has played a massive part in this by helping and assisting Miyla by getting to her target of £1750. This will go to Miyla's chosen charity, which is a local charity, Milton Keynes Special Care Baby Unit (MK SCBU) and sending off over 3,000 pairs of shoes to third world countries. We appreciate all that Maaya has done and are grateful that they choose our charity and will be assisting Miyla in succeeding her inspiration in life, which is to make people see happiness and smile even when things get tough. We are looking forward to meeting the team and for them to meet the girls."



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