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Sweat Studios - Minute with the Manager

We grab a minute with Sweat Studios Manager, Kirsty Lowe, to find out what makes this successful Yoga Studio tick!

When did you know you wanted to open a yoga studio?I started thinking about it when I moved back to London from Singapore 7 years ago. As an exercise junkie and reluctant “yogi’ myself, I longed for a yoga studio where I felt comfortable. I wanted to do yoga but I wasn’t interested in some of the trappings that came with it. I just wanted to stretch not be taken on a spiritual path. So the idea for Sweat Studios was born with the objective of providing yoga as a exercise form first and foremost and doing away with some of the aspects of yoga that deter people – gongs, chanting, incense, Sanskrit, spirituality. I wanted to create a studio where everyone felt at home and could enjoy the physical health benefits yoga in a simple and straightforward way.

What's the atmosphere like at SweatReally friendly yet also professional. We know pretty much all of our clients by name (not bad when we have over 600 at any one time!). Our goal is to make everyone feel welcome and at home while ensuring we deliver a top notch customer service experience every time.

What’s your favourite class to teach?I love all of them equally. I don’t teach too many classes anymore as I need to focus on running the business so when I get to teach it’s a real pleasure. The Tuesday 6pm class is always a good one as it’s the busiest class we have all week with lots of regulars who are always up for a good sweat!

Is there any particular type of yoga you would recommend to stressed out workers?All of them. At a base level, yoga teaches you to breathe steadily and deeply. Simply doing this will reduce your stress levels. It doesn’t really get any more complicated than that. Just remember to breathe and if you manage to get some of the poses in then that’s an added bonus.

What inspires you at Sweat?I know it sounds cheesy but it really is our clients. We have so many nervous newbies walk through our door, from all walks of life - young to old, professional athlete to coach potato, beanpole to some carrying a bit of extra weight - it doesn’t matter where they’ve come from they are always very apprehensive about their first class. But they do it, and while they may find it challenging, they are surprised to find they enjoy it. The next day they tell us they slept so much better, or their back pain has gone and then they’re hooked. They keep coming back and coming back and we watch them grow. Their bodies literally change before our eyes and it’s a real pleasure to see.

Why is Sweat different to other yoga classes or studios in the local area?We’re different on so many levels. We know you by name, we’ll give you direct pointers and guidance in class. We’ll speak to you in English. We treat you with respect and help you to progress at your own pace. We deliver the class that’s on the timetable and there’s never any surprises. We appreciate that your time is precious and we will never waste it. Our location and facilities and pretty special too! We combine the high end facilities of a luxury gym with the friendly feel of a yoga studio. Oh, and did I mention we do hot yoga?

What class would recommend at Sweat and why?Sweat Hot. It’s our signature class. It gives you a full body workout from head to toe, inside and out, working every major muscle and organ in your body. You get all the benefits of a gym workout plus all the great stuff that comes with yoga. It’s challenging yet accessible and the feeling of utter exhaustion but total relaxation you get at the end of it is unbeatable.


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