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The Hub supports MK Food Bank on #LoveMK Day

In support of #LoveMK Day The Hub have teamed up with MK FoodBank to give back to this amazing local charity who do so much for the people all around the city.

There are hundreds of people living on the edge of poverty in MK. The Food Bank provides food parcels for those who are in need right here in the city. The Food Bank is run by a small team of staff and has 70-80 volunteers who give up their time to help in the warehouse and at serving stations. Donations can make a huge difference. This campaign comes at a time when businesses and residents from around the country are saying just why they #LoveMK.Charities like the Food Bank work tirelessly to improve the lives of people living in Milton Keynes and strive to make the city a place where everyone has access to the support they need during difficult times. The Hub’s spokesperson said, “We are delighted to support this extraordinary charity, and it feels right todo so on LoveMK Day.. The Hub is a place that values togetherness, and thanks the Food Bank for the work it continues to do to improve the quality of living for residents in need, the Food Bank is one of the reasons that we love MK!"Caitlin Hands, Partnership Manager at the Food Bank, said “The local community are so supportive and we very much welcome this new initiative from The Hub which provides a great new way for people to make a difference for those in need in our city.”On Facebook: 1 comment or 1 post like = £1 donated.On Twitter: 1 like, RT or reply = £1 donated.On Instagram: 1 comment or 1 post like = £1 donated.The Hub has set a TOTAL target of £1,000. This target is our total target, combined from support shown on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.You can show your support if you visit or today.


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