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The Hub supports MK Food Bank on #LoveMK Day

In the spirit of #LoveMK Day The Hub have teamed up with The MK Food Bank to give back to this wonderful and important local charity who are making such a difference for people all around the city.

There are hundreds of people living on the edge of poverty in MK, and The Food Bank provides food parcels for those who are in need right here in the city. Last year, around 12,000 food parcels were distributed.The Food Bank team work tirelessly to improve the lives of people living in Milton Keynes and strive to make the city a place where everyone has access to the support they need during difficult times.So, today on #LoveMK Day, we’ve set a target to raise a TOTAL of £1,000!How can you get involved?On Facebook: 1 comment or 1 post like = £1 donated.On Twitter: 1 like, RT or reply = £1 donated.On Instagram: 1 comment or 1 post like = £1 donated.You can show your support if you

We will donate £1 to MK Food Bank for any of the actions taken above, up to a limit of £1,000.

So, what’s left to do? Let’s get “liking” and sharing the message of this important local community organisation, MK Food Bank.

NOTE: The Hub has set a TOTAL target of £1,000. This target is our total target, combined from support shown on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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