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The Hub - Valentine's Date Inspiration

It's time to ditch the cliché flowers and chocolates this Valentine's Day; just kidding, don't do that. However, it's never a bad idea to go the extra mile and get in your loved ones' good books. 

Here are some ideas to help you create an unforgettable date night for the both of you. 

For The Foodies

This Valentine's Day, celebrate your love with your favourite person while transporting you both on a culinary adventure to explore new and existing flavours. Spice things up at Maaya with a delicious curry, Indulge in the tempting flavours of Turkish grilled meats paired with a fine red wine at DeRoka, or transport yourselves to a Japanese blossom wonder with sushi and cocktails at Blossom Room and so much more. 

Cocktail Enthusiast

One drink is never one drink; if it is the beginning of the date, middle or end, there is always time to grab a cocktail or two.

Pampering Experience

For those seeking to indulge their loved one further, treat them to a rejuvenating makeover by booking a session with Hair Host's esteemed London Fashion hair stylists.

Make a Night of It

Why not extend the magic and book an overnight stay at one of our hotels? Transform your evening into an unforgettable night to cherish forever.

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