Veganuary at The Hub

Venue: VariousVarious
Date: 01 Jan 2018 - 31 Jan 2018

For our much loved Vegan customers, or for those planning to try and go Vegan this January we have rounded up just some of the best Vegan
friendly dining options at The Hub!


The official Veganuary website highlights Zizzi as one of the most loved restaurants for Vegan food. "When we asked Veganuary participants back in the summer which was their favourite chain restaurant, Zizzi won hands down. It had a lot to do with them being the first to offer the amazing dairy-free ‘mozzarella’ but may also have been down to the garlic bread made with smoked garlic oil. There is a choice of vegan pizzas on the menu or you can create your own, and there is also Spaghetti Pomodoro, the fresh and tangy Green Goddess Salad, and the rich and satisfying lentil rage. CLICK HERE for the full menu.


Has its own vegetarian and vegan menu so be sure to request it! You’ll find a really good range of vegan choices from the chips & dips or guacamole appetisers, to the Coconut Squash Tacos and the Fiesta Ensalada. And for mains, choose from the palm heart and coconut curry, the mushroom fajitas, the chilli made with sweet potato and butternut squash or the flavourful salad of beetroot, avocado and cranberries. Delicious! Don’t forget desserts - mango sorbet or the beautifully-presented Tembleque – a creamy set coconut pudding with mixed berries and mango purée.


Celebrate Veganuary with Turtle Bay's new vegan and veggie menu. They're serving up a delicious array of Caribbean inspired dishes that taste great and are healthy too. Their One Pots are hearty and rich, slowly simmered and uniquely Caribbean, or try the Spinach Aubergine and sweet potato curry or the Ital Rundown served with coconut rice and peas. View the full menu: CLICK HERE


Indulge in Pizza Express's dairy-free cheese on offer, a vegan firm favourite. They have a new vegan Giardinera pizza or you can create your own and ask for the vegan mozzarella cheese instead. There's olives and roasted tomatoes – and the much loved bruschetta and dough balls can be made to be vegan if you ask.


Banana Tree offers a truly exciting menu, with great vegan friendly options. Try the Tamarind Spicy Aubergine Sweet, tangy, spicy and simply delicious! Tamarind, peppers, carrots,spicy bean paste, garlic & ginger make this one a firm favourite or indulge in Blackened Monks Noodles - Vegetarian wok tossed rice noodles with an abundance of healthy, crunchy vegetables & tofu, cooked in our specially blended blackened sauce. Served with sweet corn cakes, sesame rice crackers & Viet pickle. CLICK HERE for the full menu.

Or try their new Vegan dish - Pak Choi Noodle Soup loaded with tender pak choi and toothsome noodles in a savoury broth...just £9.85.


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