XT16 After Party

JUXT presents XT16: A conference in defiance of corporate conservatism to celebrate that raw shot of productive power you get from mixing advanced technology with passion and sheer enjoyment.

We have outstanding talks from industry leaders and live-coding performances through which we will explore the nature of code and the humanity of our industry, examining which tools can give us more pleasure and to push the boundaries of what we can achieve.

Experience creative activities that will challenge the faculties and keep them burning, and enjoy an after party mixing with an eclectic mix of software practitioners in a fantastic setting, drinking our extravagantly sourced coffee and specially brewed XT16 beer.

The event is on 6th October, 2016 (ICAL) at a unique venue in the English countryside, in Millbrook, Bedfordshire, UK, not too far from London.
After the talks we will have an after party at the venue with music, food and drinks.

We have also booked Be At One Cocktail Bar in The Hub, Milton Keynes for an after-after-party, located 20 mins away the main venue.
If you want to join us for the after-after-party, there are 3 hotels in The Hub which are all reasonably priced and comfortable.

If you are staying in a hotel in The Hub the night before, let us know, because we are organizing transport from The Hub to the Millbrook Venue in the morning of the event.

For more info visit:  https://juxt.pro/XT16.html


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