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Flamingo Bingo

Mark your calendars and gather your flock - we're playing bingo in Milton Keynes and we're not afraid to ruffle some feathers!

Flamingo Bingo on the Following Dates:

Friday 19th April, Friday 24th May, Friday 21st June.

Join us for a not-to-be-missed night of flowing cocktails, iconic prizes and a surprise or two 😉

Don't forget to grab one of our pre-booked drinks packages:

  • Pop a Prosecco: £20 to start the celebrations

  • Peroni Pack: 6 for £20

  • Zero Flocks Given Sharer: £20 

  • Pornstar Martini Tree: £40 

  • S&L Sharer for 2: £15.50, ideal for bingo buddies

Flamingo bingo, where the party never stops! Book your spot now.


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